Highlights of shootSIN 2016

shootSIN 2016 ~ April 29th – 30th, 2016


Featured Speakers: Kevin Then, Sails Chong, Ming Thein, Karl Taylor, Jewel Ling, Ukay Cheung.

MAT_6877Karl Taylor Cropped

Karl Taylor presenting at shootSIN 2016

shootSIN 2016, the first ever “shoot_event” in Asia has come and gone. The event lasted only 2 days but a lot of planning, sleepless nights, sweat and effort went into making shootSIN a successful one. We are happy that the event ran rather smoothly (we hope!) judging from the encouraging words we have received from the participants so far.

shootSIN’s main objective is to inspire, motivate and share – we hope we achieved it !


Highlights of shootSIN

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Thank you to all who made shootSIN 2016 happen:

Speakers: Karl Taylor, Sails Chong, Ming Thein, Jewel Ling, Kevin Then, Ukay Cheung for sharing their valuable insights and tips on photography techniques and the business of photography
All the crew from Still Networks – Zam & his capable assistants
Models from Nu Models Valeriya, Hanna & Hu Yue
Bridal Gowns from The Wedding Present
Make-up artists: Patricia and Gaby
Interpreter: Desmond
Live Shoot collaborators: Vincent Leong the BMX Biker, Willis Sia and Alvin Chia appearing as Darth Vader and Kylo Ren
Event official Photographer & Videographer: Matthew Low and Harry Ng of Collabsg respectively
Partners: Eizo, Epson & Basheer Graphic Books
Venue Partner: *SCAPE
Friends: James Tan, Aaron Ang, William Seah, Arthur Chan, Jee Pek 
All shootSIN participants: despite the hiccups along the way, from audio glitches to speaker overruns and other small problems which we did not anticipate, you were patient and supportive. A very, very big thank you to all you guys & gals!

Last, but not least, our very special thanks go to Mr William Penrice of Hasselblad Japan, Mr Michel Caillet of Bron Elektronik AG, Switzerland, Mr Egon Heldner of Shriro (H.K.) Ltd for flying in specially to support the event.


Behind–the–scenes candid shots

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