Highlights of shootSIN 2017

shootSIN 2017 ~ 19th – 20th August 2017

Featured Speakers: David Sheldrick, Sails ChongIvan Joshua Loh, Kevin ThenMing Thein, Peter Marshall and Eric Dinardi.

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Thanks to everyone for your contributions however large or small that made it a fantastic event. From the speakers (David Sheldrick, Peter Marshall , Eric Dinardi , Ivan Joshua Loh , Sails Chong ,  Kevin Then , Ming Thein )  to the participants to the support crew.

We hope everyone went away encouraged and inspired by the Light.

Video directed, produced, shot & edited by the amazing Moc Nguyen.

Photography: Live Gallery

Stylists: Evogue Elvin Soh & Jenny Then.

Partners: Eizo, EPSON, FujiFILM, Hasselblad and PhaseOne.

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